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PaACC Education Leadership Series Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Everyone has a unique leadership journey, but it starts somewhere. The Pennsylvania Chapter ACC is committed to helping the next generation of leaders develop skills and refine their talents to propel them forward on their journey.

One of the basic building blocks of leadership is a strong sense of self-awareness. Being self-aware goes hand-in-hand with emotional intelligence. This six-week leadership series aims to provide members with a more definite understanding of their leadership style and how that style drives decision making. Members will then explore how to understand and influence others, adapt their leadership style to the challenges at hand and drive their personal and organizational vision forward by building solid and inspired teams. 

Criteria for Applicants

      • Must hold FACC or CVTeam membership in ACC/PaACC
      • Be no more than ten years out of fellowship/training/schooling
      • Commit to attending all sessions in either the Wednesday (October 14, 21, 28; November 4, 11, 18) or Thursday (October 15, 22, 29; November 5, 12, 19) series from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Once placed in either the Wednesday or Thursday cohort, no changes will be allowed. 
      • Complete application by September 19, 2020

Session Descriptions

Session 1: Aligning Expectations

Leadership goals and ownership of progress

Session 2: Diagnostics and Assessment

Understanding your leadership style and define your criteria for success

Session 3: Decision Making and Motivation

What drives your decision making and how can you improve decision making in different situations? What is your motivation and how do you improve performance?  Understanding what motivates and how to motivate others. 

Session 4: Influence and Adaptability

What is your need to influence and how do you improve our influence on others? What is your approach to change and how does it affect performance?  How to listen to others and empower them to influence. Understanding others' desire for change (environment/thinking) and how to lead/manage change in others. 

Session 5: Empathy and Conscientiousness

How does your ability to consider others impact performance in different situations and how can you adjust empathy to improve performance? Understanding others' drive for empathy and how to build relationships with people with whom you don't usually get along. Understanding others' need for structure and rule following and working with people whose needs impact performance. 

Session 6: Stress Resilience and Self-Awareness

What is your capacity to deal with and manage pressure in achieving a work/life balance and how do you build resilience and wellness into your schedule? How do you manage emotions appropriately in different situations? Understanding others' capacity to deal with and manage work pressure and how to help others cope with difficult situations. 

After the sessions have ended, we hope you will use your new skills and choose to join one of several projects the PaACC is developing that will match to your interests.  More information will be presented about this in the future.

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Early Career Physician/FITs in the Philadelphia area - join us September 30.

We have every hope this meeting will occur.

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