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The Women Cardiologist (WIC) Member Section offers opportunities to strengthen your professional support system and leadership skills through networking events, professional development and mentoring programs. It is open to all women physicians who are members of the American College of Cardiology. 

PaACC Women Cardiologists Host Successful Event

Despite the use of radiation in several cardiology subspecialties and radiation exposure to all cardiovascular fellowship trainees, there is little dedicated training on the topic.  In addition, as more and more procedures are being done percutaneously, there is a growing need for interventional echocardiographers with unique radiation safety concerns.  Although much of the discussion on this topic is generalizable to men and women, radiation safety presents unique challenges to women especially during pregnancy.  In response to this unmet need, the ACC Women Cardiologists (WIC) Pennsylvania Chapter (East) hosted a free dinner program in Philadelphia entitled Radiation Safety in the Practice of Cardiology: What All Women Should Know.  The event was proposed by cardiology fellow, Dr. Nosheen Reza.  

The event was held at Estia Mediterranean Restaurant in center city Philadelphia on Thursday, December 12, 2019.  

Dr. Sheila Sahni, an interventional cardiologist from Garden State Health Center, kicked off the event with practical tips on reducing radiation safety in the catheterization lab including the importance of personal protective gear, the significance of distance from the source in radiation safety, and the necessity of properly positioning equipment in the room.  She also discussed details on types of lead and the need to properly care for your lead to prevent damage.  She also touched upon the reality of orthopedic injuries in interventional cardiology.  

This was followed by an interdisciplinary panel discussion with panelists:

Sheila Sahni photo

Dr. Sheila Sahni (interventional cardiology)

Maribel Hernandez photo

Dr. Maribel Hernandez (electrophysiologist)

Tiffany Chen photo

Dr. Tiffany Chen (interventional echocardiographer).  

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Neena Passi.  It was a highly interactive, engaging discussion on various topics within cardiology including nuclear radiation exposure/protection during pregnancy, unique challenges in radiation safety for the interventional echocardiographer, implementation of a formalized radiation safety curriculum in training, and new technology such as suspended radiation protection systems.  The discussion also included inspiring personal anecdotes regarding struggles of being the only woman interventionalist in a practice and informative tips/best-practices from audience members from various programs in the Philadelphia area. One repeated theme from the panelists was the importance of self-advocacy.

It was a well-attended event with a diverse audience including medical students, internal medicine residents, cardiology fellows and faculty.  There was representation from five of the major health care systems in the Philadelphia area allowing for a rich discussion with various viewpoints and providing a unique networking opportunity.

Monika Sanghavi photo

Monika Sanghavi is the current Eastern WIC Chair for the Pennsylvania ACC Chapter.

Virtual Pennsylvania ACC Women Cardiologists Statewide Event  

The Scope of Mentorship:  Variety in Relationships Throughout a Dynamic Career

Mentorship is a living relationship between someone with experience and someone who wants to learn. It can vary widely in form from traditional research mentoring in academics, to knowledge sharing in private practice with many permutations in between. It evolves over the course of a career based on needs and goals. 

Click here to see a recording of this event.

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Contact Monika Sanghavi, MD, Women In Cardiology Representative, Eastern PA (wiceast@pcacc.org) or Andrea Elliott, MD, Women In Cardiology Representative, Western PA (wicwest@pcacc.org).

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